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GUYS. GUYS. I am seriously freaking out right now. D:

So I've got a 15 year old sister. I'll call her A. A has a guy friend (I'll call him Tiny Tim. Inside joke.) who likes her, and he's not subtle about it. We used to think this was funny, and we'd all tease A about it, joking how they were in ~loooooooove.

BUT THEN. I was with A and her friends the other day (as the appointed chauffeur, yay) and I saw A and Tiny Tim hugging. Like full-body, grab-you-from-behind hugs.

WAT. WAT IS THIS SHIT. I don't like Tiny Tim. He's a super religious, homophobic, sexist little shit who would sleep with a girl and then call her a slut (not that he's ever slept with anyone, lol). A likes him, tho, because when he's not talking about anything of importance he seems like a sweet guy. (I guess. >:[ )

Now I'm thinking - what if she has sex with him? I'm not crazy about this idea (SHE'S JUST A BABY OMG /biased), but what bothers me more is -- she's never had a sex education. She doesn't have access to condoms, as as far as I know she wouldn't even know what to do with one if she did.

I talked with my mom about this, and she says she's been watching then closely. This isn't as implausible as it sounds, because my sister's homeschooled. But still, SHIT HAPPENS. If teenagers want to have sex they probably will.

In my mom's mind, sex education + access to contraceptives = encouraging teenage shenanigans. In my mind, HOLY SHIT WHAT IF SHE GETS PREGNANT. But I feel like giving my sister The Talk might be stepping out of bounds, a bit.

idk. What should I do, you guys? Should I let my mom do her thing? Or should I send my little sister links to sex education websites and try to talk to her? (I doubt she'd appreciate that.)


Mar. 28th, 2011 11:40 am
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Once when I was 12 I dressed up as a Native American for Halloween.

D: D: D:

I totally forgot about it for the longest time, but looking back... holy shit. I'm kind of ashamed of my 12-year-old self, because that racist shit just isn't cool, for a multitude of reasons. I mentioned this to my sister today, and she's like BUT WHY? I DON'T THINK THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT.

I D:'d, and then we got into an argument that ended nowhere good. Somehow the concept of blackface was brought up and both of my sisters AND my mom said they didn't know what blackface was and they didn't see the problem with (a white person) dressing up as a black political figure for halloween (for example, Obama). They asked if it was okay to dress up as other presidents (like George Bush), and when I said it was fine they said I was the racist one. RIGHT. Because it's not like blackface is SERIOUS BUSINESS or everything, people are so OVERSENSITIVE these days.

Then they said if it was okay to dress up as a police officer for Halloween, it was okay to dress up as a Native American. BECAUSE THEY'RE THE SAME THING, OBVS.

I'm so angry right, now idekjskla; jagdsfefdjkdf dsa RAGE RAGE RAGE

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I was supposed to help someone out with a presentation, but I forgot about it and instead of, you know, behaving like a reasonable adult and contacting the person in question I skipped the event. Later I just told him that my computer was messed up and I'd lost info. EVEN MY LIES ARE SHIT :(

He said it was fine and that I next time I should just give him a heads up. Then he said that other people had signed up, too, but they were pretty flaky and he hadn't expected then to actually show. He hadn't been worried about it because he'd figured that I would come through, because I've always been a reliable person.*



*I don't know why people think this, I am so far away from reliable it's depressing. Apparently I give a good first impression? Why do I suck so much. :(
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OKAY, so I know I just posted how I'm going on hiatus, but I can't not share these articles before I go for real. Like, what the fuck.

Strict Abortion Measures Enacted in Oklahoma
Though other states have passed similar measures requiring women to have ultrasounds, Oklahoma’s law goes further, mandating that a doctor or technician set up the monitor so the woman can see it and describe the heart, limbs and organs of the fetus. No exceptions are made for rape and incest victims.

A similar law passed in Florida:

Senate focuses on abortion debate in final hours
Florida’s Republican-led Senate pushed through an 11th-hour provision Wednesday that would require women seeking an abortion in their first trimester of pregnancy to pay for ultrasound exams.

The amendment, which had not been debated during committee meetings, was attached to a health care bill (HB 1143) by a 22-17 vote following two hours of emotional debate. It also requires that women must view a live ultrasound image unless they could prove they were a victim of rape, domestic violence or incest by providing a copy of a restraining order, police report, medical record, or other court order or documentation.

Victims of such crimes would still be required to have the ultrasound exam and pay for the procedure, which lawmakers estimated average between $350 and $400.
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I just realized: I GIVE SHIT APOLOGIES.

Like, you know those shitty apologies people give sometimes that aren't really apologies? There are many variations, I know. The one I'm thinking about is similar to the 'OH I'M SORRY YOU'RE OFFENDED' one -- like, when the person isn't actually sorry but doesn't want you to be mad at them anymore. I've dubbed it the 'I'm-sorry-but-it-was-still-your-fault' apology.

I know someone who is the master of such apologies. After a fight he'll come up to you and say something like, 'I'M SORRY I DID/SAID [ACTION/WORD HERE]! *HUGS* BUUUUUUUUUUUT ---' And then he proceeds to list all the things YOU did wrong. It's like, the non-apology. Masterful.

So, back to the point. The other day I got into an ~argument and then apologized. I was thinking about my apology today, and... I'm realizing it was totally the shittiest non-apology of all time. D: And so I started thinking about OTHER times I've apologized to people, and I think I make shitty non-apologies a lot*. Not all the time, but enough to be noticeable.

Whoa, awkward. Ha ha aha... NOW I FEEL LIKE A DOUCHE. >:( At least I'm self-aware? SOMEWHAT??

See, now I have a new resolution. That is, DON'T MAKE DICK NON-APOLOGIES, SELF. It's embarrassing, and also grade-A douchebag behavior.

*This makes it sound like I'm running around pissing off people left and right, and that's not true. Mostly.
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I know this guy irl, and he's not a bad guy, just... seriously irritating. He likes to argue a lot, and see, I actually agree with him most of the time, but he's just so SMUG and ANNOYING about it I find myself arguing the other side, just because.

Right now I'm arguing with him on facebook. >:( Like, I don't even agree with what I'm saying! But SOMEONE has to knock him down a peg or two.

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So today someone came up to me all cheerful (WARNING SIGN #1) and asked me, "So hey, did you finish doing thing so-and-so?"

Me: ... D:

See, a while ago I promised to do something for this ~particular person -- more of a personal favor than anything -- but then I completely FORGOT about it and didn't do squat.

Now everyone's all "[personal profile] cornhobble, I AM DISAPPOINT!"



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