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GUYS. I don't think I like facebook. :(

Every time I read other people's status updates I make a D: 'BUT I THOUGHT YOU WERE NIIIIICE' face. Like, so far there's been shit-talking about other people and narcissistic proclamations of perceived sexiness and emo music quotes. YEAH, EMO MUSIC QUOTES. WHO DOES THAT?

So, question -- are people just meaner on facebook because they just want to blow off steam or is facebook behavior an actual indicator of someone's ~real personality? I mean, everyone is mean on the internet sometimes, it doesn't mean they're a bad person. But, like, CONSTANT DOUCHEBAG BEHAVIOR IS NOT OKAY.

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Yes, and I cried uncontrollably for hours before spiraling into a deep depression that lasted several months. Then I made a blood oath to never talk to people on the internet again. I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY, EX-LJ-FRIEND. I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY.
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Vantage Point. FUCK I HATED THAT MOVIE. Even just typing the name fills me with raaaaage.

See, they took the same scene and shot it from several different angles, or 'vantage point's. (durr hurr hurr so clever of them.) Generally, I have no problem with that. To the contrary, I like seeing how the same scene varies with each character pov.

But that was the entire movie. ONE SCENE! 15 million different shooting angles. After the fifth vantage point I wanted to hunt down everyone involved in the movie (I don't care if their level of involvement was 'bringing coffee' I WILL HUNT THEM DOWN), string them up as an example to other filmmakers, and then shoot myself in the head to make the painful boredom go away. IT WAS THAT BAD.


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