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So, ~ladies, do you ever notice guys acting overly condescending to you but not towards other guys?

I've noticed it a lot lately. I've been reluctant to say anything because I thought it was my shitty self-esteem imagining things or me being oversensitive, but I'm noticing a definite trend here. :|

To the story: we did peer reviews in my writing class. My essay was shit and too short, so I wasn't happy with it. I was in a group with two guys and we traded papers. Then came concrit. Like I said, my essay was too short and shitty, but one of the guys was just... idk, there was a definite condescending vibe in the room. And his essay definitely wasn't any better than mine.

SIGH. I guess it could be run-of-the-mill everyday smugness, but when I'm dealing with smug women the dynamic is never quite the same. :/ I think maybe it's a combination of the two -- doesn't have to be either or, amirite?

I hate being in situations where I'm the only girl. I never felt this way before! But now even when the guys are being nice enough I tend to feel uncomfortable. There's this feeling of inadequacy that I get less around women, but I'm not sure if that's the guys or me. I could be projecting.

idk, flist. I DO NOT KNOW. It's also 3 in the morning so I shouldn't be posting rn, lol.
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Wow, I haven't posted in what feels like aaaaaaaages.

So I (attempted) to dye my hair purple. IT WAS A DISASTUH. Like, I was trying to dye streaks, not the whole thing, but the purple didn't take and now I have streaks of grayish-blonde in my hair. ;_; It's kind of lulzy, I must admit. I'm going to try again, which is possibly a really bad idea but I will prevail~~
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GUYS. I don't think I like facebook. :(

Every time I read other people's status updates I make a D: 'BUT I THOUGHT YOU WERE NIIIIICE' face. Like, so far there's been shit-talking about other people and narcissistic proclamations of perceived sexiness and emo music quotes. YEAH, EMO MUSIC QUOTES. WHO DOES THAT?

So, question -- are people just meaner on facebook because they just want to blow off steam or is facebook behavior an actual indicator of someone's ~real personality? I mean, everyone is mean on the internet sometimes, it doesn't mean they're a bad person. But, like, CONSTANT DOUCHEBAG BEHAVIOR IS NOT OKAY.

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