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Wow, I haven't posted in what feels like aaaaaaaages.

So I (attempted) to dye my hair purple. IT WAS A DISASTUH. Like, I was trying to dye streaks, not the whole thing, but the purple didn't take and now I have streaks of grayish-blonde in my hair. ;_; It's kind of lulzy, I must admit. I'm going to try again, which is possibly a really bad idea but I will prevail~~
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So at my little sister's school, everyone calls the math teacher Mrs. Y. It seems kind of ridiculous, because none of the other teachers are referred to by initials and the math teacher's name is pretty easy to pronounce as far as I can tell.

Me: Wait, why not just call her Mrs. [name removed to protect the innocent]?

Sister: Oh, c'mon. It's an Indian name, WHITE BRAIN CANNOT COMPUTE

lmao. Sad but true.
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Names have been changed to ~protect the innocent~

Friend: Hi, Alice!
Sister: Um, hi! :D
Friend: You don’t remember my name, do you.
Sister: Michelle?
Friend: No, Emily.
Sister: Well, I was close.

[little while later]

Sister: Hey, so can I call you Rachel instead? Because I can never remember the name Emily.
Friend: Sure, okay.
Sister: Hey Rachel, can you pass me my phone?
Friend: Man, this is the highlight of my day.


LMAO @ my sister, seriously. She ended up calling Emily 'Rachel' for the rest of the day, no lie.


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