Mar. 19th, 2011 05:39 pm
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Anyone on my flist know how to skateboard? :D I've decided to learn, I bought a longboard on Thursday and everything.


IT'S IT BEAUTIFUL? ♥_♥ Yeah, that's totally my foot, I decided to make it more ~personalized. Of course I was too lazy to get a picture of the bottom, so here's one on amazon. It's an Arbor Hybrid Koa.

I still kinda suck, but I can totally balance on the board and go very, very slowly. My method of stopping rn is like OH SHIT I'M GOING TO FALL ABANDON SHIP, and then I leap off the board with flailing arms and fall on my face. I'm really cool, you guys. You're totally jealous.

xena 1x21

Jan. 8th, 2011 09:50 pm
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I was going to do a real episode review, you guys! But then I realized that would take work and I'm not really cool with that, so nevermind. Let's just go over the highlights. Read more... )
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THERE ARE MANY THINGS I SHOULD BE DOING but instead I'm gonna tell you guys all about the yuri I'm reading, because I'm responsible like that.

I've been reading a lot of light, fluffy yuri lately. I was reluctant at first to read stuff that's set in high school, but now I kind of love it. It's perfect when you want something cute and fun to read. :D Anyway, ONTO THE MANGA!

pictures within, nothing too bad )
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FLIST! How many of you have seen Xena: the Warrior Princess? I remember watching a couple episodes when I was a kid and being impressed by her badass-ery, but that was it until recently.

I watched the first 4 episodes yesterday, and OMG. I AM IN LOVE. IT IS SO CAMPY AND AMAZING. Xena is badass and hot and Gabrielle is funny and also hot. It has RIDICULOUS FIGHTSCENES where Xena kills like 5 guys with one throw of her magical sentient Frisbee. Xena can stop swords with her motherfucking BARE HANDS, because she is that much cooler than you.

She has a TORTURED PAST and is trying to be good now but everyone thinks she is still evil!warrior!Xena but in reality she is good!warrior!Xena, new and improved and still hot.

I love her outfit and I love the horses (yay horses \o/) and I love the Xena/Gabrielle scenes. Gabrielle! I love Gabrielle. At first I thought she was annoying but then I realized that no, she is just talkative and cute and compliments Xena's smirkyness perfectly.

She and Gabrielle ride around and fight crime and stuff and stuff. It's amazing, okay. I loooooooove it. The ridiculousness makes me lol a lot, but in a good way. It's fun! I wish I had someone to watch with me, but I don't know cool people irl. :(
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I love it when you go to the library and the librarians are all excited by your book choice, ahahaha. We've got a new librarian at the library nearby -- at least, I've never seen her before -- and she was apparently thrilled by my copy of Slaughterhouse Five. She talked a bit and was kind of weird and quirky, but not in a bad way. I was totally charmed, ngl. :]

Onto the actual book -- I've never read Vonnegut before, but I really like his style. It's interesting and kind of funny. I plan on reading the next few chapters later on today~~

I just took a nap (MMMMM, NAP) and am unreasonably cheerful today, lol. It was probably the good book + nap combination, I haven't done that in a while. Now I'm off to go eat chocolate and watch the episode of SPN I have Tivo'd (Sex and Violence, yeaaaaah).


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