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Jan. 8th, 2011 09:50 pm
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I was going to do a real episode review, you guys! But then I realized that would take work and I'm not really cool with that, so nevermind. Let's just go over the highlights.

Gabrielle in Xena's warrior outfit, ooh. Somehow I find this really endearing -- she's so tiny in comparison. ♥_♥

I don't have a screencap of the moment Gabrielle sees Xena's dead body (I know, I know) but I do have a screencap of the aftermath when Gabrielle's all NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and sitting in the dark, so that'll have to do.

But oh wait Xena's actually not dead, Gabby kicks some evil murdering ass, everyone is saved, etc. SKIPPING TO THE END NOW, required heart-to-heart time:

Xena tentatively touches Gabrielle's arm to get her attention, aww.

I'm just going to stick my own dialogue in, because the actual transcript is tl;dr and I don't have the patience for that shit.

Here Gabrielle is all, "You saved my life I owe you so much! Let's consummate our love under the stars~"

And Xena is all "fuck yeah. Can you wear my warrior outfit while we do it? Because that shit's really hot."

Then there was hot sexing, but sadly I am unable to provide you with screencaps (technical reasons, you see~). Rest assured it totally happened.


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