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Once when I was 12 I dressed up as a Native American for Halloween.

D: D: D:

I totally forgot about it for the longest time, but looking back... holy shit. I'm kind of ashamed of my 12-year-old self, because that racist shit just isn't cool, for a multitude of reasons. I mentioned this to my sister today, and she's like BUT WHY? I DON'T THINK THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT.

I D:'d, and then we got into an argument that ended nowhere good. Somehow the concept of blackface was brought up and both of my sisters AND my mom said they didn't know what blackface was and they didn't see the problem with (a white person) dressing up as a black political figure for halloween (for example, Obama). They asked if it was okay to dress up as other presidents (like George Bush), and when I said it was fine they said I was the racist one. RIGHT. Because it's not like blackface is SERIOUS BUSINESS or everything, people are so OVERSENSITIVE these days.

Then they said if it was okay to dress up as a police officer for Halloween, it was okay to dress up as a Native American. BECAUSE THEY'RE THE SAME THING, OBVS.

I'm so angry right, now idekjskla; jagdsfefdjkdf dsa RAGE RAGE RAGE

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My Spanish-speaking, non-American mother thinks it's "ridiculous" that when calling customer services you have to press 1 for English, because English is the LANGUAGE OF AMERICA and should be considered so. >:[

I was just like... what? WAT? I mean, she speaks English too, and I know she's v.v. conservative, but. idk, I really didn't expect her to be with the unreasonable 'OMGZ BITCH I WON'T PRESS ONE' crowd. O_o
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So I watched True Blood 3.01 last night, and... I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS~~

Spoilers for Bad Blood )


Mar. 16th, 2010 04:47 pm
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So a group of people I know (mostly adults, a couple teenagers) were talking about affirmative action the other day, and I was outside the fringes of the group, ~listening. And, well.

It wasn't so much a 'I don't think affirmative action is necessary anymore' conversation as it was a 'OMG, IT'S SO HAAAAAARD TO BE WHIIIIIIIITE WE'RE SO OPPRESSED' conversation. One girl started whining that less qualified people get into schools just because they're minorities, blah blah WHATEVER.

Then 'omg reverse racism!!1!' was brought up and I decided it was probably wise to back away slowly. Like, disclaimer: you can be against affirmative action and not be a racist tool, yeah? I think. But this conversation had a seriously unpleasant underbelly -- we're a group of like-minded white people (well, all but one), durr hurr, say whatever you waaaaaant, no worries!

Then this one teenager who is Iranian joked that in a college application people from the middle east were grouped under 'Caucasian,' and that wasn't fair, that they should get their own group so that "we can mooch like blacks and other minorities."

Ha... ahaha... hahaha...


idek, you guys. I DON'T EVEN KNOW. What do you think? Pretty dubious, y/n?


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