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GUYS. GUYS. I am seriously freaking out right now. D:

So I've got a 15 year old sister. I'll call her A. A has a guy friend (I'll call him Tiny Tim. Inside joke.) who likes her, and he's not subtle about it. We used to think this was funny, and we'd all tease A about it, joking how they were in ~loooooooove.

BUT THEN. I was with A and her friends the other day (as the appointed chauffeur, yay) and I saw A and Tiny Tim hugging. Like full-body, grab-you-from-behind hugs.

WAT. WAT IS THIS SHIT. I don't like Tiny Tim. He's a super religious, homophobic, sexist little shit who would sleep with a girl and then call her a slut (not that he's ever slept with anyone, lol). A likes him, tho, because when he's not talking about anything of importance he seems like a sweet guy. (I guess. >:[ )

Now I'm thinking - what if she has sex with him? I'm not crazy about this idea (SHE'S JUST A BABY OMG /biased), but what bothers me more is -- she's never had a sex education. She doesn't have access to condoms, as as far as I know she wouldn't even know what to do with one if she did.

I talked with my mom about this, and she says she's been watching then closely. This isn't as implausible as it sounds, because my sister's homeschooled. But still, SHIT HAPPENS. If teenagers want to have sex they probably will.

In my mom's mind, sex education + access to contraceptives = encouraging teenage shenanigans. In my mind, HOLY SHIT WHAT IF SHE GETS PREGNANT. But I feel like giving my sister The Talk might be stepping out of bounds, a bit.

idk. What should I do, you guys? Should I let my mom do her thing? Or should I send my little sister links to sex education websites and try to talk to her? (I doubt she'd appreciate that.)


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